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Lots of love, thought and care go into making a wedding cake! That day is so special and the cake has to live up to the hype of your day. The overall cost of your wedding cake will come down to the following factors: size and the time for decoration. Size matters because bigger cakes take much longer to bake and require more ingredients. Heaven forbid you run out of cake to serve to your guests. Also, the time for decoration greatly depends on the design. The more elaborate the cake the more expensive your cake will be. 

Flower Decorated Cake
Flower Decorated Cake

Single Tier

Smaller more intimate wedding cakes don't have to lack in design nor detail. Often smaller cakes make the same if not more impact as a larger cake. Single tier cakes are perfect for weddings with 20-60 guests. You can expect the budget  of the cake to be between $250-$350. 

Multiple Tier Cakes

Multi-tier cakes are definitely showstoppers! Here's a price ladder for multi-tier cakes: (Prices represent plainly iced, undecorated cakes and do not include delivery)

2-tier (serves 70-100)- $400

3-tier (serves at least 100) - $600

4-tier (serves 150 and above) - $850

If you would like a more detailed quote please fill out the custom cake form on the home page. 

Cake Sample Boxes will be available for pre-order in the online store. 

Decorated Cake with Flowers